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Many core business applications Internet Explorerrequire Internet Explorer but IE doesn't run on tablets

We've been running into this scenario more and more lately where a client's core application requires only IE and needs specific browser settings to run and their users need the applications to work on their iPads or tablets. Of course, IE doesn't run on these devices.

Our solution to this problem has quite effectively been a Hosted Virtual Browser which can be configured to any version if IE and with the specific settings required for the application. Some key advantages to this are:

  • The hosted virtual browser is locked down so the end user cannot accidentally change the settings or manually apply a Windows update which might change the settings.
  • The hosted virtual browser can run on any iPad, Android tablet, PC, Mac, or thin client and runs independently of any other installed browser. So, if the app requires IE 8 in the hosted virtual browser it can run separately even on a PC running IE 9 without any conflicts.
  • The hosted virtual browser may run as a standalone application or as part of a complete ICC Hosted Virtual Destkop.
  • The hosted virtual browser can be set-up in a matter of days and is much less expensive than rewriting applications for new browsers or converting them to a custom mobile app.
  • The hosted virtual browser is a simple way to provide a BYOD program for access to browser based applications.

We find that our hosted virtual browser is a great solution coupled with ICC's Cloud delivery service since many organizations may need a quick and easy solution for their growing number of mobile users. Through ICC there's no capital expenditure for hardware or software just a monthly, by the user cost, which scales one user at a time as new users with mobile devices are added.

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